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A dependable accounting system is a must when you want to efficiently run and control the financial activity of your company. Solution presented by SOLINT-ENIAC is intended mainly for enterprises that want to work on an IT system offering global control of the administration and finance sphere. The system offers absolutely safe data storage and utilisation thanks to the application of IBM iSeries server.

When it goes for its scope of functionalities, Golden Lake can be compared to other finance and accounting systems on our market, however given the fact that it is (optionally) closely tied to the production and logistics system SIE/400 it may be an interesting, efficient and cost effective proposition as an end-to-end IT system for businesses that want a consistent solutions package.


First implementations of Golden Lake in Poland, carried out by our company in the 90s, mainly for Fiat Auto Poland suppliers or subcontractors, were a great test of the system's reliability, scalability and functionality with installations in manufacturing enterprises, service providers and typical commercial businesses.

Over the more than ten years the system has been continuously developed, modified and adjusted to the changing business conditions and regulations of accountancy and VAT acts.


The main functionalities which added extra value to the system are:


  • INTRASTAT management
  • Inter-company invoice management
  • Banking system interfaces (e.g. Multicash, Goniec and CityDirect)
  • Printout and data export to Excel (such as ageing of liabilities or receivables)
  • Deposit management (on the accountancy side)
  • Depreciation planning


The latest big change has been the use of WEBGATE tools and conversion of user interface to a graphic mode (with windows) so that today customers working in Golden Lake are able to use the "old text interface" (terminals) or choose a GUI solution called Golden Lake WEB.